Paramhansa Yogananda at Yellowstone

Ocean of Intuition

Beneath the ocean vast
Of intuition, deeply cast
Yourself. You touch the Cause Supreme,
Spread with pearly wisdom’s beam;
And watch tumultuous difference and want retreat,
When your soul the Supreme Soul would meet.

Armoured by will of steel,
Untouched by lamentation, worry sharks.
Moving in deep wisdom’s light,
Your darkness disappears.
Soul solace will appear.
With heart made pure and clear,
You will see Him everywhere,
One, one Living Sea, eternal, near.

The storm of breath
Has roused the waves in stealth,
Over thy mental sea.
Speak thy Command,
“My storm be calm,
All, all waves to melt in One-Soul-Sea.”

I said,
“It was but in a dream
That I found myself
Soaring through clouds of life and death.
I am awake.
For me there is neither birth nor death.
The form of the dream-vase will go,
Its too-little-living-space within
Vanished into the Greater Space.”

— June 1927