Young Paramhansa Yogananda in Lotus Pose

God Alone

I drank the crushed beauty of a sextillion stars;

I sipped the sap of all sane pleasures;

I made a bonfire of all sorrows and basked in the

blaze of bliss.

I quaffed the commingled love of all hearts;

I mingled paternal, maternal, and fraternal love


And drank that to the dregs.

I squeezed the Scriptures for a drop of peace;

I pressed poems from the winepress of Nature;

I stole the sweetness from the honeycomb of pleasures;

I stole gems from the mine of thoughts;

I read, I smiled, I worked, I planned, I throbbed,

I aspired

But naught was sufficient,—–

Only nightmares of incompleteness, ever-receding

Will-o’-the-Wisps of promised happiness

precipitated and haunted my heart.

But when I cast all dreams away,

I sat in the sanctuary of Peace,

And my Soul sang, “ God alone! God alone!

— From Inner Culture Magazine, September 1935