Paramhansa Yoganda Blessing a Devotee
Letters by Yogananda

Christmas Greetings

To Friends, Students, And All Eastern And Western Brothers

From Jerusalem and India, reinforced by the perception of the Sons of God, I bring unto you a new message of Spirit. Blessed is the Soul, instrument divine, to occasion this.

Earth-bound possessions and glory must all fade away sometime, but God-possessions hold through eternity, serving supreme usefulness. The best way of converting earthly things into indestructible possessions is to use them for spiritual service.

The pen of thought writes on the dark page of either and makes the invisible spirit-truth become visible, and my fountain pen makes the unseen thoughts visible. Therefore, I am painting God on this page with ink, thoughts, and Self-Realization that all may behold His glory.

As truth peeps through the window of thoughts and words, so God manifests through Christ intelligence and vibratory creation. No one can know about Jesus through reading a book of theoretical theology; one must feel His Presence in the bower of deep meditation.

Behold the birth of Christ in the cradle of meditation-tuned thoughts and in the tender twigs of devotion. Without the thread of Christ-consciousness and Christ-peace, the beads of nations would fall apart and scatter on the rocks of selfishness.

The Christ of Christmas must be celebrated in the cradle woven by the hearts of all races. Christ must be lived, to be known. He is ever-living and is born in all good actions, in every act of material and spiritual service, and in the manger of meditation.

The dove of inner peace coos about Christ when He is born in the heart of a true devotee. Why worship material comfort on the altar of change? Learn to adore spiritual comfort in the temple of indestructibility.

May you all enlarge the Christ-cup of your consciousness so that Christ’s ocean of ambrosia may find a fit receptacle to quench the thirst of stars, of specks, of space, or hungry thoughts of all, of joys of all, souls and hearts of all men and races.

I pray that Christ may be born in the cradle of new international understanding. I demand that Christ be born in all friends as the Divine Friend, in the students, as Self-Realization, in the nations as love of unity, in all men as spiritual ambitions, and in sincere devotees as eternal ever-new joy and perpetual wisdom.

Let us pray out of the dark night of war that Christ may be born in a new United States of the World. May all devotees of Self-Realization behold Christ in all individuals, all families, all races, all creatures, all things, and may they feel Him in the spinal Christmas tree, in the star of wisdom, in omnipresent, ever-new joy, cosmic sound, cosmic light, cosmic vibration, cosmic wisdom, and cosmic love.

In these twenty centuries past, Christmas has been celebrated 1935 times but how few people have realized the significance of the birth of Jesus. Every year the birth of Christ is recognized by God and the angels who celebrate the occasion for the good of all creation.

Let each one celebrate this coming Christmas by preparing his consciousness through weeks of previous deep meditation. In the hamlet of meditation the new-born Christ consciousness will be extremely fascinating, uplifting, and expanding.

Prepare to decorate the Christmas tree of your spinal consciousness with many new perceptions and with the ever-twinkling stars of wisdom and the lotus blossoms of divine love. At the foot of this Christmas tree, lay all of your material desires to be presented forever to the Christ joy within you. Then, on awakening Christmas morn, near the many-branched Christmas tree of your consciousness, decorated with golden good thoughts, Christ will come to receive your presents and to give to you His imperishable gifts of omnipresence, omniscience, divine low [sic, correct to “love” – Ed.], cosmic light, ever-wakefulness, and ever-new joy, bound with the golden strings of eternity, and His ever-burning, dazzling threads of love.

Lay the imperishable gifts of perpetual good will, spiritual service, and unconditional love beneath the Christmas tree of civilization with its many branches of races, for there Christ loves best to come to receive all His gifts on the day of His birth in all hearts.

Give gifts of your soul to those you love and to those who love you not – to those you know and to those you know not, for Christ is born in them all equally.

— From Inner Culture Magazine, December 1936

Jesus Christ
Original Christianity

Be a True Christ One

This is my Christmas song to you: that by daily meditation you will so prepare the cradle in your consciousness that you will behold the Infinite Baby Christ laid there anew. From today until Christmas pray deep and long until every day becomes a true Christmas day of Christ-communion.

Spiritualize the social ceremonious Christmas celebration around the Christmas tree of material gifts by exchanging spiritual gifts of soul qualities of love, peace, joy, and forgiveness with other true souls around the Christmas tree of universal brotherhood.

Kindle a glamorous light of love for all nations of the earth in the fireplace of patriotism to drive away the gloom of war. As a true Christ’s son, make a solemn vow within: “I will love America with all my being, and I will love all God’s people as I love America.”

Live Christ’s unifying influence at home, at business, at church, in society, in politics, in international understanding, and Christ will be with you. You will be a Christ-one – Christian – one with Christ.

— From Inner Culture Magazine, October 1940