At a school that I was a part of, we were having a workshop. My friend who was also the director of the school, asked us to draw our “Home”.

We all drew beautiful houses, some drew humble abodes, some a little more majestic. Some took extra effort to add beauty by adding colored roofs, elegant curtains, landscaping around.

Later when were looking at all of our homes together, we found that one of the teachers, instead of a home had drawn a picture of a girl. As we reflected, there was silence in the room for a few moments. Everyone was drawn inwards.

Our facilitator was wise. We exchanged glances and quietly got up. On a new piece of paper, we all drew our True Home: Our Body!

How much effort we put into taking care of our physical houses! We spend hours, days decorating it; Re-arranging it; consulting vastu experts; inviting good energy by doing various pooja’s, organizing a house blessing, so on and so forth. Doesn’t our true home also need such care? Absolutely!

Energizing the body

Yoganandaji created a set of exercises. He called them “Energization Exercises” or “Recharging Exercises”. A set of 39 exercises that need to be done in quick succession and takes around 10-12 minutes to complete. He created it precisely for this need. To help us take care of our “Home”. That every part of it feels loved and taken care of. That we completely and healthily occupy it, nurture it and nourish it.

In India, and in many countries, the morning routine is fairly common. A day begins with a good cleanse. Even on the roads, one finds the municipal employees engaged in sanitization of the space. Once the cleansing is done, a short worship follows offering candles and incense. An auspicious preparation for the day!

As we prepare ourselves, especially at this time, when an extra boost of energy is needed, Yoganandaji’s Energization Exercises are a very solid ally. They help us take care of our true home. And even more importantly to “Stay in our true Home”.


  1. Dear Amit,

    You have so well conveyed the message ….how to take care of our home by good example.

    Our home is also where our Guru and God resides. So we need to take more care.

    Thank you.

    Divine Joy to you.

    Aum Guru

  2. Dear Acharyaji,
    Your article made it sound so easy . I guess the best lessons in life are learnt when these are conveyed so simply!! Its a chapter that one never forgets . Thank you for the insight- I have been ,of late ,reflecting on this topic (Body as a temple) and I guess the cosmos created the situation for me to read it 😊…
    You know energisation exercises are what I have always associated you with !!
    Do keep us inspired like this,
    Jai Guru🙌

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