Smile when the roses are budding; smile when the petals of pleasure are falling.

Smile when vigor is throbbing in your breast; smile when you have dreaming wrinkles in your brow.

Smile when the flowers of praise are showered over you, and smile when the world erects statues of you after you are gone; smile at those monuments of glory which you will never know.

Smile because you find happiness in peace and not in passing possessions.

Smile because you are fearless, because fear is ashamed to cause you apprehension and failure.

Let smiles be the everlasting vehicle in which you roam through life and death, sorrow and pleasure, and health and sickness alike.

Smile at death, for it pretends to destroy you, who are the indestructible image of God.

Smile when trials burst upon you; smile when the goblin of poverty stalks, and when all hope threatens to leave you.

Let all things — fame, fortune, even life, leave you, but hold on to the throne of your smile, for if you can smile, no matter what happens, then God will smile through you.

Smile when you are crying; smile when you are laughing; smile when you are losing, and smile when you are winning.

Smile when you are growing; smile when you are dying, and you will die no more, for laughter is the Life of Spirit. In the spark of a lasting smile is the attainment of Immortal Happiness.

Smile when you are good, and smile when you are bad, that you may be evil no more.

With the sun-glow of a smile, dispel gloom, evil, poverty-consciousness, ignorance, and all dark, negative ideas. A smile is the light which burns away all gloom and puts the dark birds of sorrow to flight.

Smile at the sad past, for it is no more; smile, thinking of the joys of yester-years, for they are not gone, but are ever living in you each day.

Smile at threatening sorrow, for it may never come; smile that the sorrow of tomorrow, even if it comes, can never touch you — the ever-smiling.

Smile at the past; smile today, smile tomorrow, and you will qualify to smile forever and forever.

Smile newly with the ever-new smile of God every second, every minute, every day in the New Year, and keep smiling in God — Forever.

— January 1934