What proof have we of the existence of God?

We read about God in the various scriptures. We hear of His presence and hear Him praised in the sermons of religious men and saints. We imagine Him behind the veils of beauty in Nature. We think about His existence through the logic within us. But all of these windows through which we try to see God are fitted with the opaque glass of uncertain inference drawn from untested, unscrutinized data.

God’s light can never shine through the closed doors of blind sentiment. Through the open window of logical seeking God may be found. Satisfaction in a belief about God without actually contacting Him is the death of wisdom and divine acquaintanceship. Do not remain idle and hidden behind the cloak of a denominational religion and thus cease making a real effort to know God in this life.

God Can Only Be found Within

The great proof of the existence of God can only be found within, by deeply, daily practicing some right method of meditation. Find Him within, and you will find Him not only in the holiest of holy places, but you will find Him everywhere. One hour of deep meditation will make you feel truth more than a lifetime of theoretical study of scriptures.

When your mind is free from prejudice, when narrow-mindedness vanishes, when you unreservedly sympathize with everybody, when you hear the voice of God in the chorus of churches, tabernacles, temples, and mosques, when you realize that life is a joyous battle of duty, and at the same time a passing dream, and, above all, when you become increasingly intoxicated with the joy of meditation and in making others happy by giving them God-Peace, then you will know that God is with you always, and you are in Him.

Never mind if first you cannot see God or hear His knock at the gate of your heart. For a long time you have been hiding from Him and running away in the marsh of the senses. It is the noise of your own rowdy passions and of the flight of your heavy footsteps in the material world that has made you unable to hear His call within. Stop, be calm, pray steadfastly, and out of the silence will loom forth the Divine Presence.

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  1. Duhovno mi je ime Maina i nosim duboku zahvalnost svim svojim učiteljima,a posebno svom zemaljskom ocu što znam i živim što tekst ovaj svjedoči.🙏❤️❤️❤️Just love

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