It is important to note here that one can pray for world peace without being drawn into judgments that can happen around complex political issues.

The beauty of prayer is that you don’t need to know the answer to the many questions that arise in one’s mind in order to pray effectively.

Ultimately, we all want peace and harmony in the world.

Visualization for Planetary Healing

First, prepare yourself by invoking the loving presence of God and the Divine Spirit to be within you and to flow through your prayers. Ask to feel the Light of Divine Love in your heart. (It is very important to start with this reverence to the Infinite, for then we draw on that eternal source of energy, and we don’t simply drain our own self as we send healing energy). God is the healer; we are His willing instruments.

Next, rub your hands together vigorously to wake up the energy, and then lift the hands (palms outward) to a comfortable height to send healing. Ask for this sacred healing energy to flow through your hands so that you may lovingly serve a greater reality.Feel Light and Divine Power flowing through you as you serve as an instrument of God’s healing grace.

Visualize the Earth floating between your hands. (It is helpful to think of those beautiful photos taken from outer space in which the atmosphere around the earth is reminiscent of an aura.) See the aura of the Earth filled with harmony and Light. Gently move your hands in space over the earth, sending divine healing light of God to all areas.

See the physical aspect of the planet happy and healthy. Send healing Light as you visualize clear waters in the oceans, lakes and streams. See divine light nourishing the green plants and trees of the earth. See life force flowing to all of the many creatures. Think of the atmosphere of the earth to be fresh and sparkling with vitality.

Visualize light and love flowing through all people of all races, nations and faiths. Ask Divine Mother to bless all souls, and see them all living together harmoniously, united in Divine Love and Light.


The instrument is blessed
by that which flows through it.
— Paramhansa Yogananda