Facing a Difficult situation
There are some situations that many people in this country and around the world have faced and that is losing your job, and in a way that is very unpleasant. This woman I know had a business and the client was about to cancel their contract and let her go and was hiring someone who was less qualified, younger and someone he could pay less money to. She said i knew i couldn’t retaliate, so she had a very creative and dynamic solution with this situation which was a reality and she decided to befriend the new woman that she was training and along the way they got to know each other and then at a certain point she discovered that person was interested in meditation. So she introduced her to the Ananda meditation course and the woman younger woman ended up taking the course and eventually she hired this younger woman to work for her. What an amazing creative dynamic solution to a pretty yucky situation! And here is a super conscious solution.

Look for the positive solution

Let us remember that even in the worst of situations, if we try to look for the positive solution that will actually work – which will be good for us and good for maybe another person or the whole situation we can find these things unfolding because we’ve invited in a higher consciousness. We’ve invited in that super consciousness that makes it possible for things to happen totally unexpectedly.

She didn’t know this young girl; she had no idea she would be interested in meditation; but isn’t that lovely and really creative and dynamic and a positive solution going toward that inner freedom?!This is an excerpt from Nayaswami Parvati’s Sunday Satsang at Ananda Village, October 4th 2020. You can watch the video here

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