One day, after a gathering in Beverly Hills, I had been invited to perform yoga postures at a Jewish Bar Mitzvah. Afterward, a materialistic Jewish psychiatrist cornered me and challenged my beliefs. I defended them as reasonably as I could, and then, to clinch my argument, spoke of certain miracles to which I’d been a witness. It did no good at all. In fact, I could see the thought forming in his mind, ‘Perhaps I could find time for this ‘patient’ next Wednesday morning.’

A few days later, I served lunch for my Guru and several guests, and followed the meal with a short demonstration of yoga postures. After the guests had departed, I sat alone at the table for a few minutes with my Guru. During our conversation he paused briefly, then commented, ‘By the way, when you are with atheists and materialists, don’t speak to them of miracles.’

‘You knew!’ I exclaimed.

Looking at me deeply, he replied, ‘I know every single thought you think.’ Often, during our time together, he demonstrated the truth of that extraordinary statement.