The first sentence of the Autobiography of a Yogi is – “The characteristic features of Indian culture have long been a search for eternal truths and the Disciple-Guru relationship.”

Why Disciple-Guru? Because the disciple needs to call the Guru. When the disciple is ready the Guru will appear, but the disciple must be humble enough to understand, “I need help to become one with God.” Therefore, the disciple needs to make this first move with humility, then the can Guru come. God assigns the Guru to us, then it is the Guru’s responsibility to take us to enlightenment.

And how can we commune with that Guru? When Swami Kriyananda first found and read Autobiography of a Yogi, he took the next bus from the East coast to the West coast, across the county of America. It took him 3 – 4 days. His first words when he met his guru, were, ‘I want to be your disciple’

Yoganandaji said, ‘How did you find about me? How did you come?’ Swamiji said,’I read your book, and it transformed me. ‘And Yoganandaji said, ‘That’s because it has my vibrations in it.’

The Guru magnetizes us with his vibrations, and because we are beings of consciousness, our consciousness changes continually according to what it is we’re attuning to. Are we attuning ourselves to the infinite love, peace, calmness, light, wisdom of the masters, of the Great Ones? Or are we attuning ourselves to the news, to Instagram, to fear,  or to the drama of the shadow and of the world? If we can focus on the light; we can attune ourselves to the light.

What we receive within us, we become. We want to receive the consciousness of the Masters, their love, their wisdom, so we read their books, listen to their voices, look into their eyes. We want to receive their omnipresent essence within us.

And how can we attune in meditation to Yoganandaji?  We can chant his chants, gaze up at our spiritual eye, commune with his spiritual eye, just sitting with eyes closed. We can align our spine with his spine, align our breath with his breath inwardly. It’s all an inside job.

We must attune ourselves to his magnetism and he will practice through us, and he will change us through our practice of Kriya yoga. And when we commune, when we attune our consciousness to his consciousness, our consciousness with his peace, with his wisdom and we merge in that consciousness, we become what he is – which is how the Guru transforms us, into the state of awareness that he has.

 Yoganandaji was in his ashram in Mount Washington when Swami Kriyanandaji arrived. Swamiji had an amazing intellect. Yoganandaji told him -You need to get more devotion.  Swami Kriyananda practiced chanting and finally he was getting more and more devotion, and he was starting to think, ‘Oh look, I chanted, I got devotion, isn’t that wonderful?’ And then he heard Yogananda say to somebody else, ‘look at how I’ve changed Walter!’ Master was working on the inside of Swamiji from the inside, the whole time.

He is always working with us on the inside. Yoganadnaji said, ‘I know every thought you think’ to his disciples, and that’s us. He said once to Dr Lewis, ‘Do you give me your unconditional love?’ and Dr Lewis said, ‘Yes’. Then Master replied, ‘Good, now I can take charge of your life.’

Seems like we would want him to take charge of our lives, so don’t we want also to offer our unconditional love? Our Guru, Yoganandaji is one with God’s power and the more we attune ourselves to him we can be one with God’s infinite power. He came to show us how to do that.

Here at our ashram, as we do our seva and ask to become God’s channels, as we meditate, the more we realize, “I want to be a channel of peace that I’m feeling. I want to be the channel of this love that I’m feeling. I want to be an emissary of light in this world”. Then the more of God’s power, of the Guru’s vibrations flows through us. The more they use us as their instruments, the more we are transformed. And in that transformation we find the inner peace, inner joy, and a lasting purpose for our lives. This is what the Guru comes to bring us.

This has been transcribed from a talk given by Tygias Keshava and Daya. To watch the entire talk on YouTube you can go to

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