How should we worship God? Love Him – yes, but how do we love Him.

There are many fine points to be considered here. The first is love is centered in the heart, so we should concentrate on developing the energy in the heart but then what do you direct that energy to. The Srimad Bhagavatam gives this technique to think of the heart as the lotus and turn the petals of the lotus upward to the brain, so as to feel that this heart’s energy and love are being directed upwards otherwise if it goes outwards then it will go into Maya, into delusion, it can go into emotions.

Be calm and Turn it within

A group of us watched the movie of Saint Joan of Arc last night. Very intriguing. But she was emotional, she was horrified when she looked at the flames that were coming up from the branches to consume her body. If she was a true devotee she would not be horrified. Mark Twain has written a book on Joan of Arc, it’s a very inspiring book and you should read that. He thought it was his best book. He put ten years of research in it. Her life is inspiring. She did not get emotional in her life.

In fact it is a good practice to visualize yourself being subjected to that kind of a test and say “Could I take that and not be emotional”. Think of the worst test you could imagine that surely must be as bad as anything you can imagine and turn it to God and say “Yes I know this is temporary. I can take anything because everything I have belongs to you.” Be calm and turn it within.

Every pain can be turned towards God so don’t let your feelings of heart to go outward; they then become restless and you say “I can’t take that, I can’t take that”. Be calm. Take it inward and turn it upward towards God.

Bring in your chakras

And this is why also all the chakras should be brought in.
Lahiri Mahashaya taught with Kriya, a technique called Navi Kriya, which involves naval chakra. Navel chakra is the highest of the materialistic centers and when you develop the magnetism in that navel chakra, it draws the energy up from the lower chakras and then put your mind at the point between the eyebrows, so it doesn’t just become stuck there at the navel but keeps on being directed upwards. So with all our chakras, they should always be centered and directed toward the spiritual eye.
With your heart, whatever energy you feel at the heart, feel it going upward towards the point between the eyebrows.

“If you want to love God, love Him with your whole being.”

Swamiji holding Yogananda's MurtiThis is an excerpt from a talk by Swami Kriyananda on the topic of “How should we worship God?”
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  1. To learn to turn the energy up instead of letting it flow outwards. Many practical tips here. Thank you so much for this talk 😊

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