Does God hide the truth? I don’t think so. I think we hide from the truth.

Swami Kriyananda says, that we depend and we live a lot by our reasoning faculty. That if we are not able to make sense of things, we think there is something wrong. And we try our best to arrange circumstances in a reasonable way because we think that is what will bring success.

That is what will bring fruit. And yes, it does so in many cases. But we also see often that in all the painstaking labour that we bring to arranging things in the most perfect way possible, we don’t really experience the most perfect fulfilment because just as we reap the fruits of our labour, we look for what’s next. We look for the next thing that will engage us, that will keep us entertained. Christ is saying “The wind blows where it will and no one knows where it comes from, where it goes.” And he says, and so is everything and everyone born of spirit. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

I remember we were looking for a new centre in Pune and often I thought, Master, you already know where we are going to be. Why don’t you show us where is that place? And we often come across such situations in our life where we wish that God would just reveal to us what’s to come.

And, but this is the truth of spirit as Christ says. “It is not in God’s play to make everything known because then would man seek God? “We like to be certain; we like to have conclusions and that is why we are afraid of what is not known.

We are afraid of what remains in the dark because we lack the faith to understand and to know that we are in God. In God, all things are welcome. In God, whatever happens will be the right things for me.

Here is a very beautiful admission of truth that Christ would say: “Even I do not know what my father wants.” On the other hand, he would also say, I and my father are one. Now we might think these two seem irreconcilable.

Yogananda ji would say, we have come from God. Our journey, our destination is to merge in God. But even after we merge in God, he says, you don’t want to say I am God.

You know, you still live. There is still a layer of mystery where you don’t presume that now I know, because the moment you say I know, there is still a layer of I between you and God. You know, but to the one who has completely offered the ego, the soul is restful in the knowing that God knows. I don’t need to know. I know God will show me what I need in this moment. If we are not in this moment, we are in the ego that is thinking about the past and the future. We are in duality.

Paramhansa Yogananda wanted to come to India and he would tell Swamiji that he would take Swamiji with him. And Swamiji eagerly waited for that opportunity to go with Master to India. And, after a few years, he didn’t hear anything from Master about it. So, he asked him, Master, when do you think we are going to India? And Master said, I do not know. I’m waiting to hear from Divine Mother. Now here was Master, who said, “I killed Yogananda long ago. No one dwells in this body now but God”. Yet, he did not know.

So, Does God hide the truth? In a sense, no. And in a sense, yes.

No, in the sense, when it is time, he will reveal itself to you. So Master was not restless. You know, when am I going to go? He was completely restful in the knowing that when Divine Mother wants me to go, she will reveal it to me.

So, in that sense, God does not hide the truth because God lives in the moment. In God, there is only the present moment. It is when we let go of the present moment that we get into anxiety, restlessness, worry. Who knows where am I going? But we are born of spirit, and like Christ said, accept that in spirit, you want to surrender yourself completely with the knowing that God will reveal to you what you need when you need it.

Situations, circumstances, present certain realities for us to accept. And the moment we fight or resist acceptance of that reality, it means we are not ready for some truths.

It means we are not ready for a higher octave of a truth that is trying to manifest itself in our life. So, does God hide the truth in a sense? No, because we are not ready to receive the truth. And often when we are not ready to receive the truth, it is not revealed to us.

So, it’s good every day at the end of the day to introspect. How did my day go? What were my mental citizens like? Did I do my best today? Because an important aspect of our life, especially on the path of Kriya Yoga, is to live in truth. You want to be a channel for the highest truth that is trying to flow into this world. Sri Yukteshwar ji said, a man of self-realization draws more blessings to the world than anyone else.

So, when we are in God, our purpose, our power as a channel to manifest light and goodness in the world is amplified, is multiplied by the infinite. And that is the purpose of our way, our role in this world, our birth in this world.

Towards the end of Swami Kriyananda ji’s life, he and Narayani were walking outside late at night. And she said, Swamiji, throughout the walk, would be looking up at the sky. And he would pause, and then would walk some more, then would take a pause and just admire as though in reverence and awe, the stars, the galaxies, the Milky Way. And then he said to her, Divine Mother just showed me how she created the universe.

When Divine Mother feels that this child is ready for a revelation, it is revealed to the soul. Now, these are not things you can get, you cannot enter into a meditation by saying, I’m going to find God today. Now, yes, it’s good to affirm and enter into meditation of that affirmation, but you may have the most restless meditation. Because you would get in the way. It is good to enter with the expectation that I will have the best meditation of my life, but leave the “I” out of the way.

Yogananda ji would say, don’t be attached to the fruits of your meditation, because what is meditation? It’s not about finding joy, peace, love. It’s about giving, offering yourself to God, offering your love to God. We cannot ask anything more from God, because we have already received everything, He has to give us.

We are greedy because the “I” is in the way, and the more we remove the layers of “I”, truth begins to reveal itself. Truth reveals itself to the degree we are open. And now we can come very clearly to the understanding. Does God hide the truth to the degree you are unable to receive it? It remains hidden. To the degree we are open and can receive God fully, he shall reveal all his mysteries like he revealed to Swamiji.

What is the spirit that requires Divine Mother to show us her mysteries? The spirit of a child. And Christ at one point prays and says, Father, I know why you have not revealed this to the wise and to the prudent, but you have revealed this unto the babes. That one who is without guile, one who is without any desire, but is at wonder with all that is. The heart is open, and that’s the spirit that as devotees, we want to bring to the path.

Whatever comes, Yogananda ji would say, whatever comes of itself, let it come. Because do you think God will give us something that is not good for us?

We draw to ourselves often what is not good for us because we are deluded by the ego, by this veil of delusion that hides us from who we truly are. We have come from spirit. We will go back to spirit, but leave it to God to guide your way, to guide your next step. Do not be so certain of the next step. Know what you have to do. Use the senses to find your way in this world, but always leave it in God’s hands.

Because Krishna says, I cannot help you because you have decided to take charge of your life. That as long as you think you can run your life, I will watch. But the moment you invite me, I will come and take charge of your life. The best prayer to God is, Lord, thy will be done. This is the most simple and beautiful prayer. From our heart, we can tell God, Lord, your will be done. I’m ignorant. I do not know what is good for me. You guide me. Take me to my next step. But I’m willing.

Aum Shanti Shanti

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