An Experience of Swami’s Music

It was my first time being part of the Ananda choir! In March 2013, we had a few celebratory events with Swami Kriyananda at his home outside Pune. He was scheduled to leave for Assisi after these programs so many people had gathered from all around the world to be in his presence. I had been listening and tuning into … Read More

Shifting Carpets in Swamiji’s House

I was fortunate to be living at our Ashram outside Pune while Swamiji visited India. He spent a long part of his visit in his house there. Contrary to what people may think, we didn’t get to see him all that much. We wanted to respect his privacy, so once in a while we may got to have a glimpse … Read More

Monk Satsang with Swamiji

Swamiji used to have regular satsangs with the monks. I was able to attend such a one. I remember that without wasting much time he asked us to settle down and ask any questions that we may have. I was new then and was eager to find a way to deepen my connection to the Masters. I had heard that … Read More

Swamiji’s Walkway

In the evening, Swamiji would go for a short walk just outside his home at the Pune retreat. His nurse had suggested that this would aid his physical fitness. But even that short walk was very long for Swamiji’s body. To make it easier for him a sitting area was made towards the end of the walk way, where Swamiji … Read More