World in Light

Prayer for Planetary Healing

It is important to note here that one can pray for world peace without being drawn into judgments that can happen around complex political issues. The beauty of prayer is that you don’t need to know the answer to the many questions that arise in one’s mind in order to pray effectively. Ultimately, we all want peace and harmony in … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda Sending Blessings

Yogananda’s Healing Prayer Techniques

Prepare for these techniques with prayer and meditation, calming the mind and asking God that Divine Will be done. Feel God’s presence as the source of all healing energy and visualize as clearly as possible the person receiving this blessing. Yogananda often prayed to the Divine Mother aspect of God since She seems more accessible to us, Her Divine Children … Read More

Paramhansa Yogananda Playing the Esraj

Divine Joy

Bless us with Thy intoxicating, ever-new, joyous, supremely satisfying contact. Teach us to drink Thee, that every blood cell, every thought, and every feeling may become saturated with Thy joy and have their pleasure-thirst quenched forever. After tasting Thee, lead us to temptation if Thou wilt. After we are sure of Thy most tempting, everlasting gift of Thyself, then test … Read More