Original Letter by Paramhansa Yogananda

Letter to B. M. Catrill

To B. M. Catrill With prayer for all round welfare from Swami Yogananda Dec 8 1928 “There is an invisible cord which binds the east & the west and all strangers. Let the Eternal Song echo thru your mortal flute and it will be immortal” S.Y.

Paramhansa Yogananda Gazing to the Side

A Christmas Letter to Students, All Individuals, and All Nations

Dear Friends: Let us decorate the growing Christmas Tree of Civilization with the flaming flags of all brother nations. Let us drown our differences and behold the branches of our National Life spreading out from the tree of one International Life. Let us demand that America, India, Germany, Russia, France, China, Japan, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Egypt, and all … Read More

Paramhansa Yoganda Blessing a Devotee

Christmas Greetings

To Friends, Students, And All Eastern And Western Brothers From Jerusalem and India, reinforced by the perception of the Sons of God, I bring unto you a new message of Spirit. Blessed is the Soul, instrument divine, to occasion this. Earth-bound possessions and glory must all fade away sometime, but God-possessions hold through eternity, serving supreme usefulness. The best way … Read More