Does God Hide The Truth

Does God hide the truth? I don’t think so. I think we hide from the truth. Swami Kriyananda says, that we depend and we live a lot by our reasoning faculty. That if we are not able to make sense of things, we think there is something wrong. And we try our best to arrange circumstances in a reasonable way … Read More

When the channel is truly blessed

As aspiring Yogis, we need to enhance and synchronise the ‘frequency’ of our own  individual vibrational energy with that of Cosmic Consciousness. Our Guru Paramhansa Yogananda taught us to use concentration and will power to consciously increase our body’s supply of cosmic energy , and thence to direct it to any body part; or to release it again into space … Read More

Live like Yogananda Series: Generosity

We are discussing the chapter on Salient characteristics of Yogananda from Swami Kriyananda’s Biography of Paramhansa Yogananda. We are calling it ‘Live like Yogananda Series’ and will be discussing Generosity today. What Swami writes here is “Master’s generosity extended far beyond mere money or material gifts. It included, also, for example, allowing others to have the last word, deferring to … Read More

Rajarshi Jankananda – A Modern Saint (Part 2)

This week has been a very inspiring week for me, because in the last few days I have been reading from Rajarsri’s life. And I have felt deeply moved not only for what he brought to the world, to the work, to Yogananda’s mission, but for what he brought personally to Yogananda. We know that we are all equal in … Read More

Rajarshi Jankananda – A Modern Saint (Part 1)

There’s a very standard pattern most lives of most Saints kind of take. And it’s that romantic pattern that we all know. What is it? From a very early childhood, they’re already different. They’re already tuning inward. They’re already not interested in many of the things the world has to offer. And then at a very young age, they find … Read More

Ressurection of Sri Yukteshwar

Today we’re honoring Sri Yukteswar’s resurrection and it is an extraordinary event. It’s an extraordinary thing. Why Great Ones come When you think about it, our Guru through the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ has shared a supernatural experience that no one else has been able to write about; to help us to understand the power and the spiritual greatness of … Read More

Stories about the Master

Power of My Guru Of course, my memories of him are only the last years of his life, whereas I heard many stories about him from early, early on. And they also were thrilling stories- how he would come on the lecture platform, full of energy! He would demand that his audiences greet him! Rise to his level of energy! … Read More

Overcoming a Problem Through Superconscious Solution

Facing a Difficult situation There are some situations that many people in this country and around the world have faced and that is losing your job, and in a way that is very unpleasant. This woman I know had a business and the client was about to cancel their contract and let her go and was hiring someone who was … Read More

How Meditation Changed My Life

Meditation and Kriya Yoga helped me to find a purpose and fulfillment in my life when I had come to the point where I thought no such thing was possible. I grew up in San Jose, California during the 60’s and 70’s. Most of my life I was seeking happiness outside myself in things and situations found in the world. … Read More