When Master came to America his goal was not necessarily to build the monastery or have buildings or create anything outward. These things will all pass away. His goal is to have people find God.  And he gave us this remarkable teaching of Babaji and Lahiri and Sri Yukteshwar – Kriya yoga. And the real work and the real foundation that is keeping everything at Ananda and all spiritual paths going is people’s love for God.

In our particular case we have a technique to practice that will bring ecstasy and freedom from this world. When we practice Kriya deeply and when we meditate we touch that part of us that is connected to divine mother and that is what is motivating us on every single level of our being during this incarnation, in all of our incarnations.

Ananda is filled with souls who love God, who want freedom, who are practicing Kriya, who are serving this work with the love of their hearts because they love their Guru and the Guru is guiding us. To the extent that we can go deep into our sadhna, deep into our Kriya practice, deep into these teachings holding on to the Guru’s hand all the way, through every experience in life, everything will be just as it should be, and all the anxiety and all the worry and all the frustration of this world will pass away. It will try to rear its head during all of our endeavors to serve Master but these things are minor compared to the love of God that we have in our hearts and to the love that the Guru has for us.

So it’s really important as we move forward on this spiritual path together, to be in tune with these teachings, to support one another, to love one another, to guide those that are just coming onto the path.
Everybody is moving forward in their own way and every way is precious, every way is beautiful.  We must remember the reason why we’re moving forward. We are moving forward but we’re moving within and then up.  We are not just building something outwardly because those things go.

One time I was in Rome with Swami Kriyananda. We were on pilgrimage and one of my dear Gurubhai’s mother took us to the coliseum. The Roman ruins and the Coliseum were magnificent structures that time in history.  Strong and huge and magnificent but they were crumbling over the centuries. All that materialism, all that effort, all the money, and all the energy that went into building those edifices but now they were crumbling.

Then he took us to this beautiful little church that was built into the rocks very close to the Coliseum. You could hardly see the church. It was just a tiny church where the early Christians used to go and pray and meditate. We went in there and I just felt so much joy, so much bliss. When I went in that tiny little, not a big, edifice – it was just filled with joy. I just could feel the vibration of those early Christians just living for God and following their Guru’s teachings and feeling the bliss of Christ, their Guru. It was quite beautiful.

So, there was the Coliseum crumbling and there was this tiny little church filled with people that loved God and I sort of felt like that’s the vibration of Ananda. We have beautiful buildings and but those buildings will go someday but the love for God and the Guru in our hearts will never die. It will only grow and it will last incarnation after incarnation. It will help people that come to our little places of worship feel it. If we sincerely love God in our sadhna, if we are sincerely serving God with joy and willingness, if we are saying say yes to life then we will magnetize more souls and more souls and more souls over the years.

So that’s our real work, that’s what we’re really building here in Bangalore, at Ananda on this earth right now. During this dark time where everything’s crumbling Master and Divine Mother and the Gurus light and unconditional love is rising and it will always stay there because that is omnipresent. That is what we are becoming. Our little souls are melting into God, our egos are receding and we are getting rid of that thought of me and mine and the ego getting rid of that separation. We are melting into God and that’s our real responsibility and that’s what we’re really building.

God bless you all.

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