Freedom is a goal desired by truth seekers throughout the ages—but freedom from what? Paramhansa Yogananda simplified human behavior to the basic desires of “finding happiness and avoiding pain.” Our every action is based on its potential for happiness or reduction in suffering.

It follows that we seek freedom from suffering or pain. Suffering is threefold in nature: physical, mental and spiritual; manifested, respectively, in disease, in psychological inadequacies or “complexes,” and in soul-ignorance.

Soul Freedom

One tedious way to free ourselves from bondage to suffering is through calm, unbiased, introspection. Observing our mind and thoughts is like looking in a mirror: we may come across neglected spots which need some cleaning. We should not get upset by this, but rather rejoice for seeing things we weren’t aware of before.

Awareness precedes control, thus the awareness that we get from introspection helps us to change patterns. Still the process is long, cumbersome and definitely not easy. We might just give up at the mere sight of the mountain to climb. In the words of Paramhansa Yogananda, it is a bullock-cart approach.

So, how do we get there quicker? After all, we live in an age of increasing efficiency. The great masters are aware of current trends and of how the complex western civilization influences the world. Hence, in 1861, Babaji from the Himalayas revived the lost technique of Kriya Yoga for quenching our thirst for freedom.

Kriya Yoga is the “airplane route” to God. Yet, the power of this sacred technique lies in its faithful practice. Isn’t that what a scientist would do? He experiments and arrives at his own conclusions. That has been the experience of all who received and practiced Kriya correctly. The Kriya Science has given many beginner yogis immense joy and glimpses of divine freedom.

Even in my own nascent Kriya experience of one and a half years, the results have surprised me. I started out with the theological bullock-cart approach of introspection. I followed it for many years and got some benefits—yet I was not satisfied. With Kriya the situation changed. Many traits that I worked on for years simply fell away as if they never existed. Having heard “Kriya plus Devotion works like mathematics,” I used it as my formula and have been ever grateful for the blessings received.

Kriya Yoga has definitely helped me walk in the direction towards the desired Freedom. So, dear friend, I appeal you to also take the next step towards your happiness and freedom.

  • If you haven’t yet received this technique, test the waters with the simple practice of Hong Sau, which is taught initially to people who intend to learn Kriya Yoga. Your experience will show you the power of this simple method.
    You can learn this technique from the following video: The Hong Sau Technique.
    For more details on learning Kriya Yoga you can go to the following link: Learn Kriya Yoga
  • If you have received this sacred technique, try to realize its potential by daily ever-deepening practice. Stay inspired by having regular satsang with fellow yogis and by making full use of the online resources Ananda offers. You can find many supportive tools on Ananda India Online.

Please enjoy this beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda ji : If You’re Seeking Freedom.

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  1. Thank you for the inspiring and uplifting article and song!

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