As the time of national crisis is left behind, it is now time to surge ahed in life with energy and determination.

This page has many options you can explore to sustain your effort at dealing with post covid syndrome with higher consciousness – in body, mind and spirit!

Also, in case you have a particular personal request for help, you will have an opportunity to do so here.

Healing Prayer Request
Rebuild Your Life 

Simple, quick, and easy tips to help rebuild your life after Covid – “Do it Now!”

Healing Prayers
“I simply don’t know how people live without prayer. In a lifetime of prayer, I’ve had countless demonstrations not only that prayer works, but that without prayer nothing works satisfactorily.”Swami Kriyananda
If you wish to express gratitude for the prayers you received, donate to the Healing Prayer Sangha here 

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If you want to join our healing prayer group please fill the form next. Someone from our side will contact you for a short training session on the principles and methods of Divine Will Healing as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

You will then be added to the healing prayer group and assigned people and families to pray for in this time of extreme need.

Whispers from Eternity: I am Thy Bird of Paradise

Whispers from Eternity: Thou and I are one

Astral Ascension Ceremony by Swami Kriyananda. “Dear Friend”

Below are the words by Swami Kriyananda as part of the Astral Ascension ceremony. And it is addressed to the soul who has made the transition.

Dear Friend, _____.

You, who have gone before us, have entered a realm which our souls remember: A place of freedom, light, and laughter.

Take with you on your journey our blessings, and our love.

We shall miss you!

Our desire is not to hold you back, but only to tell you: Friend, we are yours; our love and support are ever yours, and our prayers for your highest happiness. We shall meet again! Once more we shall laugh together, rejoice together, and share in the joy of seeking Him!

Claim your soul’s freedom!

Bless all who ever harmed you, or ever wished you harm. Give them your love, and your prayer for their freedom in God.

Friend, cast from your heart all outward attachments! ­Realize that earthly goals, however shining, are but dreams:

God is the only Reality.

Burn your earthly desires in the fire of wisdom!

Burn earthly limitations in the blaze of inner freedom!

Burn earthly disappointments in the flames of spreading peace!

Burn earthly joys in the bonfire of divine bliss!

See your physical form as a discarded garment:

Clothed you now are in garments of radiant light!

O Free Soul!

See your past actions as scenes in a vast, unfolding tapestry. Feast not your gaze wistfully on episodes already finished, but look ahead!

New adventures await you—fresh, joyous victories as you advance toward perfect freedom!

And what of us, Friend, who love you and would be remembered by you? Behold us as threads of light in the tapestry of your life—threads which, through the magnet of soul-friendship, will appear ever and again, woven with increasing beauty as our hearts expand together in God’s love.

Divine Mother! receive this, Thy child.

Purify him/her in Thy perfect light and love.

Grant him/her eternal freedom in Thee!


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Ananda Sangha is offering the Ananda Astral Ascension ceremony written by Swamiji for any loved one who you have lost over this past week or so. It’s a beautiful ceremony that sends the soul of the departed the blessings and light of our Masters and all of those who attend the ceremony.

If you have someone who you’d like us to include in the group ceremony, please fill the request here.

Request for Astral Ascension Ceremony

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The Peace and Harmony Prayer

Visualize our planet in divine light, and pray — out loud or inwardly — from your heart:

“Lord, fill this world with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”

Repeat this for about a minute (10 repetitions). Then visualize yourself in divine light, and for 15 seconds (3 repetitions) say:

“Lord, fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”

For maximum effect, say this prayer 5 times every day.

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Healing Prayer Request

Request for Astral Ascension Ceremony

  • Please write details of the person who has left for heavenly abode and you wish to be included in Astral Ascension Ceremony.