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Home Study Course FAQ


Question:  How much does the course cost and how long does it take?

Answer:  The course takes about 9 months to finish before you receive Kriya Yoga.  The total fees are Rs. 840.  The first two books to buy are: Lessons in Meditation Rs. 150, and The Art and Science of Raja Yoga Rs. 350.  The reading of these books, the exams and practicing these techniques will take 4 months.  After that there are two other books to buy: A Handbook on Discipleship Rs. 170 and Preparation for Kriya Yoga Rs. 170.  The study of these last two books, the exams and practicing these final techniques will take another 5 months.


Question:  Why does the preparation for Kriya take so long?  I’ve been practicing meditation from another lineage.  Can I receive initiation into Kriya sooner?

Answer:  Nine months of preparation is required to learn five preparatory meditation techniques, and to establish a daily routine of practicing them.  It is important to learn these techniques as Paramhansa Yogananda taught them.


Question:  I live near an Ananda teaching centre.  Should I learn Kriya Yoga in person though the centre’s classes, or should I take the Home Study Course?

Answer:  The Course is designed for students who do not have access to an Ananda teaching centre.  You should take the classes in person.


Question:  I live outside of India.  Can I still take the Ananda Kriya Yoga Home Study Course from Ananda India?

Answer:  If you live in the Americas: please visit this website: www.anandacourse.com.  If you live in Europe please visit this website for more information: http://english.ananda.it/pagine/request-information.  If you live in Africa or Asia, it is fine to take the Kriya Yoga Home Study course from Ananda India.


Question:  What is the difference between the online classes http://anandaindiaonline.org/courses/introduction-to-meditation/ and the Home Study Course?

Answer:  By taking the online classes you will learn the different techniques by watching videos, and taking online exams.  By taking the Home Study Course, physical books will be mailed to you, and the examinations will come via e-mail.  If you prefer we can also send the examinations via postal mail.