By Tyagini Maitreyi

Ah, that golden, beatific sound

That priceless Jewel in golden crown

I wear with reverence 'fore my head

Through prolonged vigils, being led

By Silence donning many guises,

With promise of Infinite's surprises.

Silence pure, of quiet release,

Silent calm, infused with peace.

Silent flow of loving Grace,

Silent warmth caresses face.

Silence, so sacred, forsakes all word

Save one, so hallowed; it brings The Word

With mighty roar of silent thunder,

Silence free of worldly blunder.

Then Word's retreat drifts back to Cause,

Leaves Silence filled with pregnant poise,

Only to emerge again, much stronger,

O Silent vigil lasting longer.

O Silence, revered, the guise I strive for

Beyond all Word, my body dies for;

Silent Bliss, as free as air,

Silent speech with One, so rare.

Nature's Sacrament filleth my vessel,

O Silence of a Thousand Petals.


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