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Ananda India Centres and Groups

Ananda Centers across India is a place of learning and spiritual support. Our teaching centers, retreats and meditation groups offer a range of programs based on the teaching of Paramhansa Yogananda. These programs/activities include Meditation, Ananda Yoga, Healing, Satsangs  and Kirtans.

Types of Ananda Centers –

Teaching centers offer classes, services, workshops, and retreats.

Meditation groups hold regular meetings, typically in homes of members, and have three to 12 participants. Some are larger and meet at public facilities.

Retreat Centers is open year-round for group or personal getaways. Retreat Centers offer many activities, including group meditations, yoga classes, discourses, satsangs, videos and kirtans or you can  just be on your own in peaceful solitude.

If you do not have a center near you, you are welcome to visit Ananda India Online Classes and participate in meditations, classes, and satsangs. 

Ananda Contacts in India

Bangalore Teaching Centre

Tel: +91 9741181595 +91 9900027410
Website: www.anandabangalore.org
Email: bangalore@anandaindia.org




Chennai Teaching Centre

Tel: +91 88073 50693 / +91 88073 50623
Website: www.anandachennai.org
Email: chennai@anandaindia.org




Delhi Teaching Centre

Tel: +91 9899200605
Website: www.anandadelhi.org
Email: delhi@anandaindia.org




West Delhi Teaching Centre

Tel: +91 9868574141
Email: anandarajouri@gmail.com




Gurgaon Teaching Centre

Tel: +91 9899014209
Website: www.anandagurgaon.org
Email: gurgaon@anandaindia.org




Noida  Teaching Centre

Tel: +91 9899014209
Email: gurgaon@anandaindia.org




Kolkata Meditation Group

Tel: +91 9831797448 +91 9830082790
Website: www.anandakolkata.org
Email:   kolkata@anandaindia.org




Mumbai Meditation Group

Tel: +91 9930631708 +91 99303 08873 +91 9011 057812
Website: www.anandamumbai.org
Email: mumbai@anandaindia.org




Port Blair Meditation Group

Tel: +91 9434287044 +91 9474230550
Email:   portblair@anandaindia.org




Pune Teaching Centre

Tel: +91 8308401111 +91 9822023123 +91 9011050646
Website: www.anandapune.org
Email:  pune@anandaindia.org




Pune Retreat Centre

Tel: +91 9011069792
Website: www.anandayogaretreat.org
Email:   retreat@anandaindia.org



Rishikesh Teaching Centre

Tel: +91 7060262 110
Website: www.anandarishikesh.org
Email:   AnandaRishikesh@gmail.com



Do you live far from any of our centers? Or have a schedule that would make it difficult for you to come to our weekly Spiritual gatherings? Then our Online Satsangs and Courses are just for you! For over two years Ananda India Online continues to offer ongoing inspiration throughout the week to bring guided meditation sessions,  special class series by Ananda ministers and long time practitioners of Kriya Yoga, Satsangs by our Spiritual Directors of India and Worldwide leaders, and much much more to your home, wherever you are, for spiritual support, inspiration, and fellowship. 
Tel : +91 96116 33213
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